Just to understand how adrev works exactly, so if I use adrev then my aj tracks will be in the youtube music library which means anyone can get them for free rather than paying for them here?

Hello! Adrev, monitors tracks illegally used your audio tracks on Youtube(without licenses), and when he found them, it’s up to you to either file a complaint with the user(on user Youtube), or put advertising that will make profit to you! Good Luck!

Envato requires that you ask AdRev to remove your portfolio from the YT free library.

I think there is a misunderstanding :grinning:

AdRev is a system to protect your music on youtube from illegal uses.

You register your tracks on AdRev then when someone use it illegally, he receives a copyright infragment.

AdRev don’t put your music in youtube music library.

It’s a kind of “protection” when someone don’t buy your track on Audiojungle and use it in a youtube video.

Yes they do. You have to ask them to remove it, as per Envato’s terms.

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@PurpleFogSound For the first time I hear :slight_smile: It is written somewhere? (I do not use AdRev)? Do they really put tracks in Youtube for free? (I just did not know)

I’m sure it’s written somewhere on their site, though I don’t know where. It’s been discussed on here though. Most of us users were taken by surprise by this. Fortunately, you just have to send them a mail and they’ll take out your tracks from this free library.

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Thanks for the info! I will tell it on to my friends who use AdRev(on AJ). Probably they also do not know.

I didn’t think Adrev was accepting any new royalty free composers now though anyways?

This is only for those registered with Adrev though right?

Well… yes.

The implications, if not, would be terrifying.

It’s already pretty terrifying since everyone wants to join because it seems to protect your music in a way previously unimaginable. Unfortunately it means anyone could get your music for free on youtube rather than buying it here. Will take a while for the news to get across to everyone though.

  1. A quick mail and your music is not made available.

  2. AdRev was not created for royalty-free stock music. Actually they don’t even accept us anymore. For “listening purpose” artists, such a system makes sense. The YT catalogue is free to use but comes with ads running, so an artist collects on all these uses.

That is not at all how it works.

  1. They monitor ALL tracks. Illegal and legal.

  2. You have no choice - the advertising starts automatically. You have to manually whitelist the video if you want it removed, but as the reports are on a 2-month delay, it’s not really possible when it counts.

Advertising begins only when the author of the music does this (it with the help of functions AdRev), otherwise there will be no advertising, and the video will be deleted, also by the author’s request(strike).

No, that is incorrect. I have been using AdRev for 4 years.

You know better (I know this from the authors who are there more than 4 years).

Are they registered as record labels or publishers? Only if you are using Content ID as a record label (or other bigger company/publisher) will you have access to any controls.

If you are registered as a small independent artist, like 99-100% of the people here at AJ are, you will NOT have any control of the advertising (until after 2 months when you can manually whitelist a video, or if a buyer contacts you and informs you directly).

So, how can someone use your tracks for free in YouTube videos? Do you mean audiojungle watermarked? That everyone can do!
Or, do you mean that someone buys your track once and use it on multiple videos?

They USED to be added at least, and I could find my own tracks when I searched for them. But not anymore. I cannot find any of my tracks in the YouTube music library. And even if they were in there, they would not be allowed in monetized videos = you would get the advertising revenue.