AdRev users, i have a few questions

Hi there, i just register with adRev but have a few questions:

1-Do you register your songs prior they being accepted by audiojungle or after?
2-When you register a track you have to say it´s for audiojungle to prevent it to be added to their swap database?
3-If you have 3 versions of a song like, one shorter and another one shorter without the solo part, you have to register the 3 or just the main track?

thanks in advance

Hey SoundSeq
1- you can do it before a track is accepted or after. I was doing it before a song is accepted and it turned out to be a huge waste of time. I now have 3 different versions of a song on Adrev before the one that was accepted. No harm in waiting for acceptance first I think.
2- The only place I told Adrev where my song is is on my Youtube channel
3- I could be wrong, but I think just the main track, unless it is very different. I think their search will show it up. If your track is going over size just render it as a 128kbps to get the size down. that way maybe you could get all the tracks in as one

Thank you for replying @AzaTrendStudios, i think you´re right, it´s better to register after a track is accepted! :+1:
Anyone with experience in this matter please reply!