Adrev false detection!

Has it ever happened to any of you? Adrev found “my track” in a video, and no it is not my track, it just thinks that it is my track.
It found this video
and it thinks that this is the track
I know its all ukulele, but cmon now? :smiley:
I guess I will contact them.

Yes, it has happened with one of my tracks some years ago. In my case, it found a rhythm guitar part that was playing the same common pattern in a song with an almost identical common drum beat. However, that was a few years ago and I only recall this happening once. I contacted AdRev on it and I suppose they had YouTube unmatch the songs within the ContentID algorithm.

I suspect this happens quite a bit with library and micro-stock music tracks due to fact that common production elements and progressions are used over and over again in such music. It’s probably even more likely with underscores that don’t have a melody.