Adrev doesn't want to lift the claims - audiojungle should request the lift for the claims

Recently I got a few claims from Adrev and it seems that they don’t want to lift the claims and that audiojungle should contact adrev directly in order to have the claims lifted. Any news on that ?

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This is news to me! And quite worrisome.

Did you copy-paste the content of your license on their contact page? And they still refused to lift it?

yes, I’ve emailed them and attached the PDF license but this way their answer.

the the screenshot of the conversation, notice that I have uploaded the license so no luck here

I hope this is a misunderstanding on their part. It looks like you haven’t used their online form (as provided in my previous post), so maybe this is why they’re confused.

If this is indeed their new policy, this is huge and a potential game changer!!

I would try again using the form. If still no luck, you want to contact Envato support and/or the author.