Adrev - does it discourage buyers here on AJ?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question ever since I uploaded my portfolio to Adrev almost 10 months ago - something I did only after reading some horror stories from other authors who have had their music ´claimed´ by others as their own. However, 10 months down the line and with nothing to speak of in terms of revenue from Adrev, I’m starting to doubt whether it’s really worth it.

Having the ‘This Track Is Registered With YouTube Content ID’ banner on every AJ item page is surely offputting to potential buyers - I’m wondering how much so.

I will think about Adrev only when one of my tracks will get 500+ sales. Until then i no bother…

It’s already late, when it’s 500 sales

Really? why?

Some one could already submit your track as their’s

I’m thinking about revenue collection, not about thievery, but in this case you’re right.

Thievery = revenue collection. It doesn’t have to be connected to sales at all. My best-sellers make very little on AdRev but some tracks that only have a few sales have made thousands of dollars on YouTube.

Not in my experience. I have more sales now.

That’s interesting - I assumed having tracks registered with Adrev would put off buyers, as it creates hassle for them.

The Content ID claims have been around for so long already that any youtube active should be pretty accustomed to disputing and releasing the claims by using the licences they have purchased. Also I’m not sure what percentage of AJ licences are actually Youtube related.