AdRev and music shorter than 30sec

I just joined AdRev. I was wondering if I have to upload all variations of track or maybe only the longest one. They have great support and they responded very quickly that they are not allowed by Youtube to search for music that is shorter than 30seconds so they recommend uploading all variations longer thatn 30’’. Any walkaround for those shorter than 30’’?

AdRev let you join? I thought there weren’t taking new “royalty-free” applicants.

You don’t need to submit the variations. If they’re just different cuts, ContentID will pick them up anyway. YouTube videos often only use portion of the music, and they get picked up just the same.

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Ok, but still it looks like they can do nothing with logos etc.

Oh, right. No, logos and stings won’t work with ContentID. I don’t see how you could work around that, sorry.

Maybe you could paste all your logos together and upload that as one track. But, I don’t know if this would be allowed (actually, I’m guessing it’s not).

I would submit the AJ preview which has all versions as a workaround - did that for some short logos I had…Giggidy…

You’re wasting your time as they won’t get tracked anyway in any videos they are used in. Duration too short.

That is why you can hear endless examples of short pieces of really famous music in all kinds of YouTube vlogs.

So how actually this matching works? It takes 30 second of registered music and it’s searching for more or less the same 30 seconds in youtube video?