Adobe XD Web Template got Hard rejected

I designed a website in adobe xd and uploaded it on multiple template platforms. Unlike the others, envato review team hard rejected the template without any known reason. Please help me out

(link removed by mod)

The standards are higher on envato, but to be honest as an exclusive author and selling it elsewhere, you are breaching your author agreement by submitting it here too and it may well have not even been reviewed entirely.

It’ll be taken down from the other platform. Just wanted to know if the problem is from me or envato standards. Nonetheless i expected a soft reject but hard reject, i don’t know what the problem is. Is it advisable to by a similar design and make comparisons?

Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way - envato can’t know that you will remove it elsewhere if you are approved so while items are being sold elsewhere they typically will just get a generic rejection without any investment in reviewing it in depth.

In envato it is not known who reviews it and why they reject it, I know authors whose designs are of a low level, without a standard color contrast, without spacing, or typography, if you do a code validation it has hundreds of errors, even with javascript errors in the console and are approved, but designs that meet all those standards are rejected as non-compliant. They must say that standard was not met. I guess the same thing happens in UI designs.

Unfortunately same thing is happening on whole Market for some reason… my item on held for 9 days while others approve in addon category where rewievers it is not check item at all…
I have been working here for years but lately nothing makes sense, as if they want to get reject most authors on Market.