Adobe XD Site Theme rejected - reason(s)?

Hi all,

I just started here to upload some work. Was surprised about the first rejection and thought ‘ok, maybe overlooked something? So we read carefully again and again all the restrictions on the ThemeForest site to be sure it need to be 200%’.

But now again, two designs are rejected:
1st. ‘Fashion’ eCommerce Theme in Adobe XD
Glimp of the design: Dropbox - Theme Files ThemeForest - Simplify your life

What’ve prepared is:

  • Theme preview zip file with the preview image and all the pages including images
  • Thumbnail
  • Zip file with the XD itself and all the pages without images
  • Description / help txt file

The same for this ‘car’ theme as a one-pager design in Adobe XD: Dropbox - Theme Files ThemeForest - Simplify your life

Glad to see some help because ThemeForest don’t put too much effort in giving feedback :).