Adobe XD Requirement

My template is ready to submit but as stated in the 8th point where should I define container width?

Adobe XD Templates Requirements – Envato Author Help Center

Define what the maximum container width should be. The width should be around 960px or 1140px


This you have to define yourself and especially because it has to adapt well to your design.

You can use any measure such as: 960, 1000, 1140, 1170, 1200px, etc.

There is no exact measurement, you can use the one you like the most or the one that best suits your idea.

good luck with your project

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Hey, I have seen your templates earlier. :slight_smile: So in this template you’ve have chosen “1170px” max width right?

I’m actually confused because I thought there is some settings in the Adobe XD to define it :laughing:

That is correct is 1170px

But if you prefer Adobe XD to define it for you, that’s fine too, no problem.

Although there is something that is not clear to me, you mentioned that you have finished your template, my question is why do you try to define this just when you finish.

Mine is “1140” Industry Standard according to “Envato’s Guidelines”. Thank You for help!

It’s due to some confusions use in “Guidelines” & grid system in Adobe XD. Everything is clear now.