Adobe Media Encoder - set a default folder for all output files. Is this possible?


So if I understood well Adobe media Encoder save by default the converted files to same folder where the source media is located. Problem is it appends to the file name a dash and a number to, off course, prevent destroying the source file. Unfortunately this means I need to copy the exported files to another folder and edit each one of them to remove those added characters.

Also Adobe media encoders let me specify a destination folder inside the settings dialog but I’m obligated to do this for each file. The problem is that normally I have like 50 to 100 files to encode and open the settings dialog for each one, navigate to the location were I want to export the file and select that folder is a painful process, made worse by the fact that adobe decided to limit the “open file dialog” and I can’t use the “favorites” folders side bar available in windows. Also if the “select output folder” operation is not made in a certain manner Adobe Media Encoder will append those characters that I mentioned above even if the file is saved in another location and not in the same folder as the source file.

Question. There is a way to set the default folder once and for all so each file I will add to queue will go in that folder by default instead making me suicidal or worse develop in my brain homicidal intent against Adobe company?

Thank You I appreciate your help.

I found it. Was in the preference menu, can’t understand how I didn’t saw that option I checked that damn preference menu like ten times.

Sorry for the thread.


OMG I hate Adobe!

Please people I’m desperate can someone point me to an alternative to Adobe Media Encoder?

I made a preset and apply it to same type of files mp4 files, (that i downloaded from youtube) they have the same properties, video codec, audio codec, the software transform some of the files and at the others just hangs up at the end of the encoding process. Only option is to kill the program from task manager. :frowning: Why me?

an entire day of work gone to fix this issue and no result. Sometimes it works with a file, other times is mysteriously not working with the same file.

I also found out that this Media Encoder piece of crap created 136 Gb of cache files on my hard disk in the:

AppData/Roaming/Adobe/Common/Media Cache Files

some files called CFA. For example if the file that I want to encode is an mp4 of 30Mb size, the dimension of the CFA file is 260Mb. Now probably those files are there for a reason but I don’t understand why, if I finish the encoding and delete the files from queue, why those cache files are still on my disk? I found cache files for media that I encode two months ago.

What do I do?

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Sorry… can’t help with the Media Encoder issue. I use Compressor.


felt_tips said

. I use Compressor.

that is only for mac :frowning: no?

managed to find a work around.

I create two presets having the same options I need for output. When one encode fails and I need to kill Media Encoder from task manager I selected the other preset. When this fails I select the other one :frowning: and repeat the process.

If i select the same preset that was applied when Media Encoder failed the problem persist whatever I do. Specifically I try to export a mp4 file, Media encoder creates two files: an aac file (audio) and a m4v file (video ) then it needs to “pack” them in a third file the final mp4. It creates correctly those two files but fails to end the process and the mp4 remains at 1 or 2 mb size. I can see the m4v file in vlc off course it has no audio as the audio track is in the aac.

one preset worked for 7 videos. now switching :frowning: mah

feel like this classic video

doru said
felt_tips said

. I use Compressor.

that is only for mac :frowning: no?

Yeah… Compressors part of Final Cut Studio.