Adobe illustrator 9 error message

Illustartor 9 was working fine but after using a registry cleaner no longer loads. Receive error message PDF Poquito50iRelease.dll not a valid windows image.Reloaded the software from add and remove programs appears to load,have the correct regkey but still get that error message. Help!!

I think your next best shot at trying to solve this would be to uninstall, then re-install (not using the change feature). If you cant find the CD’s, try to see if you can download a trial version from Adobe. The trial version will allow you to use your serial number to register. Just ensure that it is the same version you are currently using when you select a trial download. Also, when you uninstall there should be an option to retain the license information too, so it might just be a matter of uninstalling and then re-installing from a trial set up or CD’s.
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