Adobe Affect help

Dear Sir or Madam,
has anyone used adobe Affect (AE) as i’ve downloaded a video in AEP format and open in AE. What am trying to achieve is how to edit the video and its texts?

Adobe After Effects not Adobe Affect.
AEP means After Effects Project and it is not just a video file.
Regarding to your question. Do you read the documentation?

Thanks for coming back to me here :slightly_smiling_face
Which document I need to read?

Or do you know which software I can edit the video texts in?

When you download a project from VideoHive that archive must contains a read me file or a pdf with information about how to modify it.

Thanks, I’ve read the pdf. I have another issue. I’ve edited media in media placement 1. But when trying to edit others, it shows the same media example for all other media placements, so I can’t edit the media in other parts of the video.

For instance, how do i remove the small texts like ‘add element’ that are hovering in the background?

Files with the extension .aep is opened by Adobe After Effects.
Adobe Affect is … this must be the disease. The horror and stupor that every user experiences when opening the After Effects program for the first time.