Admin Template


I think the extended license for admin themes is just overpriced.

If it would $ 100 it would better for us than we could use it in our projects that we sell.


You don’t need an extended license to use it in a project you are selling to a client.

You can use a regular one but you need to make sure that you buy a unique license/copy for each website and/or project. This is no different if it were an extended license you wanted.

For what it’s worth if you hired an agency or developer to custom build an admin template it would be A LOT more than $100

Thanks for your fast response.

I purchased Pages Framework Theme at themeforest quite long time ago.

However i want to start a new project and didn’t find it useful.

Would it possible to replace it with this


Unfortunately you can’t swap files once purchased unless there is something genuinely broken about it (and even then it would need to be quite soon after purchase).