Admin template soft reject?



Hello everyone, I received a soft reject warning in the admin template. I share the review text below.

  1. There are spacing/padding as well as alignment issues throughout the design. Please check your files thoroughly and weed out these basic design issues.

  2. Mobile styling needs attention/improvement in some areas. Please check/test your pages carefully and resolve all issues.

  3. Consider using the preferred .on() method rather than .click(), .bind(), .hover(), etc. For best performance and concise code use event delegation whenever possible:


Can you help me? Thanks to everyone already.


Is there anyone who can help?


Your code‘on’, function(e){

Here is your on click solution

mobileMenuTrigger.on(‘click’, function(e){

  1. Your item have lots of pages that is little hard to finding your item spacing issue to me cause time. Spacing issue: Check all element/box/grid top & bottom, every section top & bottom keep same hope your issue will solved.
  2. Check you item all of Apple/Mac device carefully responsive issue will solved.


Thank you @unlockdesign