admin folder not installed

I have downloaded the GoMarket | Food, Grocery, Pharmacy & Courier Delivery App | Multi-Vendor Marketplace.
I have installed it on my ubuntu server.

Followed all the installation steps. However, when the admin URL is called it shows the requested URL not found. It seems the route cannot find the resource. Can you please help me fix this?

Can you please help me with this? Also need help to install this.

It’s probably server related issue as you may need to modify .htacces file ( and make sure it works )

Changed the question a bit. BTW what about the .htaccess. The .htaccess does not exist

Check the documentation if there’s any information or contact your hosting provider - they may offer something for free, otherwise, either you will need to “configure” the server on your own or get some paid support.

In case of paid support, if you need, remember that I can provide some. You can contact me anytime