Adjusting Our Focus: A New Approach for Photos at Envato

Practically the opposite of that company policy of the other big agencies that are slowly destroying the work of many authors.

If you’re stopping Photodune to think through/reorganize your stock offering, are you going to pay out the balance you owe to all your contributors’ account, regardless of whether their earnings meet your minimum payout or not? If you want to reset and start from scratch, it’s only fair that you pay out whatever you owe contributors now before you start from a clean slate.


Completely agree. Sounds like they are going more specialty, which means only specialty artists. The concept of quality over quantity means they are more aligned to the boutique-type model. I have crummy images that sell ALL THE TIME elsewhere. Sales are so low here that this change will almost certainly help push me out the door. It’s bad enough that they masquerade as a marketplace when they are in fact an agency, but now to have ports either culled or closed because you don’t make the cut means doom for many contributors. The rebranding of PD means a complete overhaul in policy and that means starting over.

I’ve yet to see Envanto come in here to answer any of the posts. Mainly because it is bad news for a high percentage of contributors. Good luck, Envanto. But your buyers will defect and that means years and tons of money trying to get new ones.

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I too would like to know if there are any future plans of implementing these changes to other markets, like AudioJungle. While I think the changes are welcome, it’s a little alarming that authors were given such short notice.

In others words they wish to transform PD into a marketplace style version of Envato Studio? You know where only the chosen few get the opportunity to make a little more while everyone else is left to wonder. Its an intriguing approach but how does one know the end result will be to everyone’s liking?

No two buyers will have the same tastes in regard to photos and their subject matter. This is quite alarming especially considering the changes that have taken place over the years. Its only a matter of time for this type of change to take place on the rest of the market places.

So many new comers have submitted countless pieces that are of good quality and quite unique but they constantly get rejected for whatever reasons which often times doesn’t add up.

What happens to the images already in the queue?
One of the main goals of the assessment process is to identify authors we can trust to upload only content that meets the new quality requirements. So, we’ll be looking at things like the overall quality of your portfolio, how you respond to the feedback, etc. Once we’re confident you’re just as committed to quality as we are, you’ll be free to upload any items without an item-by-item review process and queued items will be automatically added to your portfolio.

If you don’t make this initial cut, we’ll be disabling your portfolio and deleting any queued items. You’ll have another chance to be part of it when we reopen portfolio submissions in the future.

When are you stopping buyers buying from PhotoDune?
We’re not! :slight_smile: There are no plans to stop customers from purchasing items from PhotoDune’s existing library. PhotoDune will remain open for the duration of the project.

What happens to users accounts and earnings balance for authors not invited to tomorrow’s PhotoDune?
Authors who have content available on other Envato marketplaces will be able to withdraw earnings as they always have. If their earnings are below the minimum withdrawal threshold, we’ve got a process in place to help them receive their balance.

For authors not invited to tomorrow’s PhotoDune, their Envato Market account will remain active and available to them. Only their ability to upload new items to PhotoDune will be removed, and their current PhotoDune portfolio will be disabled.

All authors, irrespective of the results of a portfolio assessment are welcome to submit a portfolio for review.

For those who are accepted, will their entire portfolio be included?
Will their entire portfolio be included on Elements? Our current thinking is yes.

Will accepted authors need to resubmit any existing content?
No, authors will not have to resubmit any existing content. Authors will, however, be expected to maintain a high level of quality and consistency within their portfolio, and we plan to move toward more actively coaching authors on this.

Many of the reasons behind this project relate to PhotoDune’s specific situation and don’t apply to other marketplaces.

However, there are some overlaps. Quality, for example, is something we’re after across all marketplaces (like AudioJungle, VideoHive, ThemeForest, etc.). We know that can be a challenge and we’ll continue to support author success with new tools and resources that help them earn more and earn smarter. This includes providing more details around what we think will sell (commercial demand guides) and what technical quality we want as a minimum (you’re welcome to show off your mad skills beyond the minimums).

There is no plan to shut down Envato Market. We want to create more opportunities for authors to earn and Elements is one way to do that. We’ve got plans to introduce new categories to Envato Elements and you can expect to see more details on that right here in the forums.

It’s easy to take this view when traditionally those with the largest portfolios earn the most. What we’re encouraging is a new way of looking at the stock photo world as one where authors earn revenue because of the quality of their work, not the size of their portfolio. We know there are great quality photos in the library that haven’t had many sales, and historically higher selling photos that will not meet our latest requirements and policies. We believe that this entire process will help all authors with great content have more opportunities to earn.

Part of our current plans is to do some work to the underlying platform and technology that’s a necessary first step to enabling future improvements such as this.

At this stage, yes.

A lot of our graphics authors initially had similar concerns about undercutting markets, but it’s not something we’ve seen play out in reality. In fact, GraphicRiver had its best August ever in the same month Elements launched, and we’ve continued to see strong sales in the months following. On top of this, many of the Elements contributors who are also authors on Market have had healthy growth in Market earnings as well as a new revenue stream from Elements.

For authors/contributors, Elements is a new product is attracting whole new customer segments that you might otherwise not be selling to. It’s about incremental income to support your earnings from Market.

We recently posted a more detailed update about Elements in a separate thread - check it out and feel free to join the discussion.

Why wait?! We’ve got an overview of our new requirements ready for you and a lookbook available on Pinterest to give you a sense of what we’d like to see more of on PhotoDune.

We agree, and we’re sorry we weren’t able to deliver on this in time for this project. The good news is the foundational work outlined in section 3 above (our photos platform and the technology behind it) will make it a lot easier to develop tools like this going forward.


Photodune is not our gig, but majority of our photos for our projects come from photodune. In my eyes all of this is disturbing, on one side you are bringing ADP to let the market decide on the other side you are restricting.

Envato reviewed this items and let them on for sale and now you are cleaning your decisions and in the process authors will suffer.

It is just a mater of time you guys step on toes on the wrong author and get your self government inspection or a lawsuit. Keep in mind you are playing with peoples lives, so be careful who you remove :stuck_out_tongue: It’s one thing saying if you do not like it or do not agree with our therms leave and the other to just close authors shop.

And there are many factors on buyers side also… for example we do not include images in our themes and customers need to buy them from photodune… now you remove bunch of them, what do i say to the client? Do i refund him, who’s gonna refund me? How do i deal with the bad rating?


They better or there will be more than a few law suits heading there way.
I for one am ready to call it a day with this site.


Please clarify your comments below. This sounds like those authors who participate in other Envato marketplaces will be able to withdrawal earnings but those authors who do not have other portfolios will be subject to a cash-grab by Envato. There is no mention of being able to withdrawal earnings. Only that we cannot upload, our portfolio would be disabled but you’re generously letting our marketplace account remain active which I can only assume is a subtle way of saying you won’t pay us our earnings but we’re more than welcome to reinvest them with you through credit purchases. Please verify - if you close our portfolio down and we have no other marketplace presence will we get our cash or are you keeping it? If I were to request closing my account could I receive my current balance paid out?

What happens to users accounts and earnings balance for authors not invited to tomorrow’s PhotoDune?
Authors who have content available on other Envato marketplaces will be able to
withdraw earnings as they always have. If their earnings are below the
minimum withdrawal threshold, we’ve got a process in place to help them
receive their balance.

For authors not invited to tomorrow’s PhotoDune, their Envato Market
account will remain active and available to them. Only their ability to
upload new items to PhotoDune will be removed, and their current
PhotoDune portfolio will be disabled.


Please clarify - should I clean my portfolio self until December in accordance with new requirements? Or I should wait for assessment and feedback in December from Envato team? Thanks.

Food for thought:

I am not a PD author and neither use it. But its quite funny that all the photos have actually passed the review test and approved on market. Now suddenly this approved images are no more good and are rejected with an argument of quality over quantity.

Envato, on one side you approve this images after passing a quality check and on other side this same images are rejected because they dont pass a threshold quality check.

Quite ironical… think on it


Id be more worried about how this is a clear sign of whats going to happen across the whole marketplace, just when i was starting to get a few themes under my belt, bad times :frowning:


Can we have the same approach for ThemeForest?

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^ NO, we can’t.


I don’t think it’s ironic. Two reasons…

Think of the worst sitcom from the eighties or the nineties. That was accepted by the networks, but would it be accepted today? Does it still have the same appeal, the same pull and relevancy as it did back in the day?

Second, it makes sense to try and increase the numbers at the beginning and then reduce the acceptance rate by becoming more strict when you have got the numbers. Browse our massive selection of 100 images isn’t going to inspire buyers to click the link. But 1000, 100000 etc.


As a frequent buyer of Photodune product, this is very shocking. Yesterday I could buy different resolutions based on my project needs and today I am forced to find another company to get my images from. Removing the different resolutions is huge and forcing higher prices for image quality I don’t need is quite frankly a really dumb business move. I’m shopping somewhere else now.
All you photographers should be upset at this recent change. No buyers were given a heads up ( at least I wasn’t) . You will definitely sell less product now because of the price change. Frequent buyers were used to a specific system and now that system is gone.
And another thing. The reason buyers like me are here is because they hate the crappy service they get from other stock services like iStock, Shutterstock, Fotolia, etc. Direct cash prices ARE THE WAY TO GO! If you let them move to a credit system or a membership system, you might as well be shooting yourselves in the foot.
My two cents…already getting my images somewhere else…sorry.


^^^ +++++++++ Spot On!
Friends (Envato) , are you reading this?

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What this guy said.

It’s a ridiculous move and came without warning (as far as I can tell). I suspect there’s quite a large portion of your sales that come from people like me who don’t require high definition photos for use on websites and we are all going to have to go somewhere else now. I’m not prepared to buy a 5000x5000 image when all I need is for it to be 300x300.

I sincerely hope that the people in charge are bold enough to realise that this decision was a wrong one to make and backtrack on it before it’s too late.


Worst idea ever, and you have not bothered to warn your buyers !

Bye photodune.


One week and no reply. Very disappointing. I would have hoped we could get clarification. I am so close to pay out. I have been inactive with uploading due to personal health issues and being care taker for my parents and a grandparent with dementia and I hope that isn’t held against me as a reason to deactivate my portfolio.