Adjustable volume on previews

Hi Envato,

Quick suggestion for an improvement to your user experience…

It would be great to be able to adjust the volume from the previews. The reason for this is that it would come in handy to check if the music compliments a voice over (that I play on my PC). Unfortunately at the moment the music from audio jungle was totally overpowering my voiceover.


Hi @appromoters! The best way to do this is simply download the preview from AudioJungle and play it locally in your audio player/editor of choice. That way, you can play or mix the preview and your voiceover at whatever volumes you like. :thumbsup: Here’s where to find the “Download Preview” button on an item page:


Best of luck!

Thanks @scottwills, however I still think that having a volume control within the site is a far better user experience. There are a lot of steps involved in downloading the preview, opening the file and playing it locally everytime. Most of the time I am only checking a preview for roughly 5-10 seconds. A lot of effort to go through for that amount of time for each song.

I’d also like to see this functionality. Most other sites have it and I was pretty surprised that it wasn’t possible on AudioJungle. The best and most efficient way that editors go through stock music is to play the scene and then go through tracks to see what feels right. This process already takes HOURS to find the right song sometimes. Not being able to play the volume of the track at the approximate level I will need in the mix can be frustrating and I will often leave your site and go elsewhere. As the poster pointed out, most of us don’t have time to do the steps you’ve offered and we are only listening to the first few seconds. Please consider adding a player to the site with volume controls and a track forward and back. I believe your sales will go up if you do this and put out an email blast to let your account holders know.

Same 100%, please add, this is practically a must-have for you guys - the whole point of stock music is to complement existing media, and right now it’s unusable because I can’t tell whether a track will play nicely with the media I have.

+1 for this please. Every other audio website has a volume control. It’s essential