Adifer theme issue #1: Can't add images to Ad detail section

This is what it should be able to do:

This is what it actually does:

I have tried disabling all of the plugins and turning the plugins back on one by one. But, still doesn’t work.

No support from theme Author, but it might be down to the Coronavirus!

It’s my first time using this forum. Hello everyone!!


Have you tried by clicking both ‘Add Image’ and ‘Add New’ button!
Please give author time to get back to you. For weekend the reply can be delay. theme Author are best expert about their theme functionality. Don’t worry theme Author will be very happy to assist you.


Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried the Add image buttons many times. I have never seen this issue in any themes I have bought before.

I have been trying to contact the theme author by email for a week for several questions. But, no replies. Not funny when I have paid extra money for support.

I think I will load a differnt them up and see it it still has the same issue.

Wil :slight_smile:

Please go to theme comments page and post a comments and let them know that your need support. Hope they will reply you.

Also please make sure you have proper upload permision in your webhosting server wp-content => uploads folder.

good idea to check the upload functionality.