Hello everyone.

I would like use Adforest theme for wordpress, but i have some concerns.

I have checked all there demo pages, and it is quit slow. I have tried in different places, computers, internet connections, etc… But still. time of loading is 5-6 seconds per page, sometime its more than 12 seconds. And sometime its not loading at all.

I am a not a programmer, so I would like to know if the problem is coming from their coding, or if their server that are slow.

Thanks for your help.


you can ask this query direct to the theme author here:

Theme author will reply your query.


I already did it.
They told me there is no latency from their side. Pages are Charged in 2-3 seconds from their side.
They asked me from where I am doing the test, but this point is irrelevant, when I’m checking it, it’s from other website. Like the picture above, test is made from other country than mine. I can do test from many different website, and I still have that latency.

They answered that this delay can be reduced by modifying the code on Wordpress.

But in that case, why aren’t they improving their code in order for their demo to be faster?

So maybe it’s just their server which are very slow (because their Demo pages are empty of ads… there is just 10 ads. So I can’t imagine with 1000 ads what it will be).

it can be server issues and also ca be many factor which cause loading slow. only theme author can check it and can give you answer. in forum we will not be able to check and give you answer. Thanks

I do it expect anyone to check and even less expecting the author to tell me the truth about what will be the speed of the website after installation.
I am more interested to have reviews about people who used this theme and to see their feeling.
Anyway, I think I will try it and see how is it with my server by puting hundreds of ads.
I just don’t want to spend 1 month working on it to understand that there is nothing to improve, the theme is slow from origine and that’s it.

Thanks for your answer I will update you if any news.

i have just tested drive this adforest theme. Indeed, it is slow , both on my computer and phone. It is slower than my other theme based on bimber , sadly it is based on bare minimum plugins. hopefully there is an update/upgrade soon to this theme. Otherwise, it is all good and it serves its purpose.