Adforest License purchase code

I gave my Adforest code and purchase code to a developer, and now the developer threathens to terminate my code because he has my purchase code. please how can i change this or what should i do??

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Unfortunately there is a limited amount that you can do, and why allowing others access to your profile or items is not allowed in the T&Cs.

You can reach out to the author who might be able to deregister the code of that is of help (assuming you still know what it is) but envato and the author cannot create new license codes

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Please how do i reach the author of the code. its Adforest andriod

Looks like you already did and they replied

You will need to wait and see what envato say, although be aware that the agreement between you and the developer is private and envato cannot get involved in things beyond their platforms.

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Which developer??? My developer is offline and he is bent on deciet even when i paid him complete and how he is not even giving me the updated code and i have to look for another developer and he said even if the new developer finishs developing it, he will still terminate the new one. How wicked people are

Just curious, but can you explain what you mean by “terminate my code?”

Typically a purchase code can’t do any such thing; it’s just a code representing your license but not granting any power to manage it.

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We’re not suggesting that you are not in a difficult or unpleasant situation - were just trying to manage expectation and clarify that envato cannot get involved in rectifying differences between you and your developer.

He does not have access to my account. And i really dont know if it is true because he told me that he can terminate my app which another developer is working on using same code. He said he as my purchase code and now he can terminate it. I really dont know if it is possible for some to terminate using a purchase code

It’s not possible for him to remotely terminate your app with a purchase code. But he can abuse it by posting it online or something of that nature.

You’ve already opened a Help ticket. Keep working with your new developer on your app and wait for a response from Envato. If they deem it necessary, they could generate a new purchase code. If not, they’ll at least record the incident so you’re protected in case of abuse.

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Wow. thanks for this reply. Am at peace now. I will do as you said. thanks alot

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