Additional step for view demo CodeCanyon

Envato needs to change its policies and make it clear that accessing the CodeCanyon demo does not require an additional step, such as providing an email.
You will access a demo and to access it you need to provide a valid email address, it doesn’t make much sense as a consumer and member of Envato.

What item is asking you to do that?

I’ve seen items provide login details to access admins (where it’s appropriate) but never to provide my own info to access a demo

Some of the authors allows you to access the back-end for a short time - therefor it’s required to provide a valid email address to prevent spam copies, if you’re not OK to share the email to see the demo, if this is the case, you could always have an option to move on to the next project.

Or you could get a dummy email account for these purposes as you should’ve had at least two email account anyway, one for main purpose, second for “login to try” purposes.

One example: Neoflex Movie Subscription Portal Cms Preview - CodeCanyon

It’s definitely bad practice but also a 6 year old item

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Has Neoflex 3, new version and same bad practice… Neoflex 3 - Laravel Movie, Video, TV Series Streaming & Subscription Portal CMS by Creativeitem