adding video section on the theme GLEAM

i am looking for a theme to buy for my website. I liked GLEAM. I want a section for videos as well. however, the Gleam theme has a lot of photo gallery but no video gallery or something to display video. I am completely new to wordpress hence i am not sure of anything. Can someone tell me if I can add a video section on the theme from wordpress? if not, can someone suggest me a similar theme where there will also be a video section?
thanks in advance.


The Gleam theme uses the Elementor page builder which has a “video gallery” element you can insert in your pages/posts…

Another option: if you want to showcase a Vimeo video gallery in any theme, you can create a video playlist on Vimeo , that can be integrated in your website following the steps described in this tutorial:

Otherwise, if your videos are self-hosted or hosted on another platform than Vimeo, you will find plugins for creating a video gallery here:

Also, you can find themes with video gallery support searching on ThemeForest the term “videographer”:

From my experience (I build video portfolio websites for my husband and his partners - videographers - since 2013) you have to carefully look at each theme/plugin that offers the video gallery feature: some play the video in a popup box (lightbox), others play the video (when clicked) in another page, others just link to the original video source, others play automatically the video, others only when the video is clicked…you’ll have to see the live demos to see what exactly you like…

Another thing to check is how the theme/plugin shows the video gallery on mobile devices: it has to be usable, mobile-friendly, sometimes categorized, most probably you will have to check if it displays the video title/date, it should have the option to display the video fullscreen, at a high-quality (at least Full HD)

Good luck, all the best! :hugs:

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Yup, our video gallery should do the trick -

you can check the demos

thanks a lotttt… i will follow the steps.

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