Adding profile section on craft cms


I recently saw the craft cms tutorials, seams great. As I’m new to craft cms, I have some questions.

I’m interested in making a site where people upload images. So, how I add a profile section, so each login user can upload images. So, we say, : hi has his own profile on the front end, in that profile he can upload an image or a set of images.

How can this achieved?

Hi @Splendor – I have good news: we have another Craft CMS course (again by @kezzbracey) due later this month. It will follow on from the intro, taking a more practical approach to using Craft. It should answer a lot of your questions, but feel free to post more suggestions for future Craft CMS courses right here!

Oki, sounds great. I will have to wait. But if anybody knows a little bit about my questions, please let me know… :slight_smile: