Adding product keys for non-exclusive items?

I’ve got a product that I want to sell on CodeCanyon, however it is not an exclusive item. Due to it not being an exclusive item, I cannot get users to validate the purchase using Envato.

Is there a way I can automate sending a license key from my own solution to an email address provided by Envato? I’m not too sure what’s possible yet. I was thinking trying to do something like the following:

  • User buys product from Envato
  • Envato notifies ourselves and provides users email address
  • We send license key to users email address
  • User enters email address and license key in product
  • We check our database for the email address and match it against a license

I imagine we would get a list of unique sales codes we can manually validate against should their be a problem?

Look at

You can put a “login with Envato” button somewhere. A user can click this and you can get their email/envato purchase code via oauth.

You cannot get a list of all buyers/emails automatically.

Also users are generally wary of apps that require registration before using. Full unencrypted source code needs to be provided