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Can you un-deprecate this please!!! Copy writers do not write copy in WP usually - they write in Word or some such - have you tried copy and paste from a Word document obviously not having a google font. Basically you are totally %#^&^%. You need to cut the text - load it in notepad to kill the formatting - reload it (getting your default font family) and then spend hours reformatting it. Or go into “text” in the edit box and manually change all the instances of the incorrect font. Absolute %$#@@ nightmare!


This is Aj the theme author.

You are correct copying and pasting from a word document into WordPress will carry on formatting from the text document which is generally fine, but it may also carry over weird characters, styling and font declarations. This it’s generally not recommended to copy and paste from an editor such as Microsoft Word into the WordPress editor. And this of course is general to WordPress, it’s not unique to the Total theme.

There is actually a special button in WordPress you can use for pasting content from an editor and automatically stripping out all the formatting for this reason exactly:

It sounds like you were adding content to a post and then highlighting the text to change the font family. This is a very bad idea. If you manually set a Google font for every article and one day you decide to change the the fonts across your whole site you will have to manually edit every single post, at which point you may have hundreds if not thousands of articles. This would be a nightmare.

The best is to set your global fonts via the customizer as explained in the theme documentation here. This way you can always log into the Customizer and change the fonts for your entire site (or blog) with a few clicks.

Then when you copy/paste from Microsoft Word either use the button in the screenshot above to paste your content and remove the formatting or before copying the content from word make sure there hasn’t been any fonts added to the document. I’m pretty sure a word document won’t have font declarations unless they were added to the document itself.

I would advice your copy writers to keep their articles simple and only use basic heading tags, bold, links and to not manually add different fonts to the article just to make things easier when they send you the content. We actually use Google Docs with our writers which is easy for managing authors since you can have shared access to the files, suggest edits, and it doesn’t seem to have as many issues copying content over to WordPress compared to Microsoft Word.

Of course if you rather manually add Google fonts to each article you could always use a plugin that adds Google fonts to the editor or you can reach out to me via the correct means and I can assist with some code you can add to your child theme or via the Code Snippets plugin to add only the fonts you want to the TinyMCE editor.

But it’s not something I will be integrating into the theme by default as it encourages incorrect behavior. I’m always looking out for my customers and I want to make sure that you don’t have issues in the long run (like having to manually edit all your articles because you want to change your fonts - something that should ideally only take a few seconds). I would strongly recommend globally setting the theme font in the Customizer and then making sure you aren’t pasting any fonts in the editor.

For any followup questions, advice or support please leave a comment on the Total theme item page or submit a ticket as noted on the item’s “Support” tab.

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Yeah, installing TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor to Wordpress will be a huge help in this case.