Adding new features as brand new theme?

New theme features should be added into old theme, isn’t it?

Or Envato will start new “spam theme” competition!


This needs to be answered by the Staff…

If this is acceptable then all authors will start doing this and i see no point in this.

A reason to do this would be to get more views on the features you added to your current theme instead of updating your current one but still this is copy/pasting your existing theme and just updating.

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As far as I remember some old forum thread, this is allowed in some cases, reviewers decision.

No way! You can use the same design in different categories (HTML, WP, PSD, Magento etc.) but you cannot add Woocommerce functionality to a blog wp theme and release it as brand new theme.

It is ridiculous!

This can hurts the whole community because authors will start submitting their old themes again with shop/forum/buddy/blog/mag/… features to be again in front page for having another chance to have better sales! It will hurts authors that are trying to make new products for making living from TF and also this will takes our products review time because they will submit old product again and again!

If you see that author have done this in past and with current review time (3 month) if other author’s start doing this we will see 6/9 month of review time! Also please take a look at new items from 1 to page 3! there are themes that haven’t sale or a little sale and things like this can make the whole sale/community/ review harder and harder.

just my two cent for who cares.

Actually you can, I was suggested this few years ago when I wanted to change price for my item with WooCommerce, Envato suggested that I can release it again without the WooCommerce. So it’s been possible but not many knew about it, and probably didn’t want to exploit this.

Are you sure? They would be violating their own rules by suggesting that:

Basically, a WooCommerce version as a new theme is valid if that’s what the new theme is about. A specialist, WooCommerce theme - which would obviously imply a special home-page catered to the eCommerce niche and a change in category as well. That’s clearly not the case with the link by OP.

Wish i knew this before, i would of left out the WooCommerce features and then resubmitted all my themes at a later date. So many authors are going to start doing this if its allowed. Sounds like trouble.

That just make your customers confuse and you can lose them. Maybe someone will buy the wrong template. God, I always name a template by its ussage, a word describing it or something meaningful for me, but never tought about this “strategy”.

Agree, that is confusing for customers. Imagine someone purchased theme without WooCommerce, author release new version with WooCommerce and now instead to get that as update customer needs to purchase new theme.

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He can ask for refund pointing this reason anyway, but he will make an bad impression for that.