Adding more tags

my customer has a long list of tags that we would like to use for improved SEO.

will the Hypnotherapist and Psychologist them accommodate them?

am holding off on purchase until I get an answer … thanks much!!

The author of the theme will be able to answer your questions. You can contact them via the comments section of the item. Here’s a link - scroll down to the very bottom to add a comment:

Cheers! :slight_smile:


thanks I did that … what is the usual turnaround time on responses??

The author’s support page says they respond within 1 business day but this is a holiday week for many people around the world so it’s hard to say.

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Just as an FYI - even if the theme does not natively support this, then there are several plugins that can help.

Also it’s important for the client to understand that piling tags onto a post or site is not going to do that much for SEO, and actually adding a long list is likely to be more detrimental than helpful.

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Thx Charlie … that is helpful … still need more detail so I can properly advise customer on purchase…

You need to be clear what they mean by “tag” i.e in the taxonomy sense, versus categories, keyword tags, or of the client simply means SEO keywords.

Depending which would determine the priority approach but I’d guess that the first thing to do is install Yoast and configure that properly (beyond just adding a few keywords, titles or descriptions). This will almost certainly be the best quick win solution on improving their search proposition.

Bear in mind there is a LOT more to SEO than keywords etc such as frequent quality content, social or link building, and with respect you shouldn’t be offering advice on it if you are not familiar with how it all works.

You run a serious risk of it biting you in the backside when they don’t show up on page1 of Google and the client wants to know why.

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