Adding Google font .ttf file to React Native application

I’m developing a React Native application that I want to submit for review. I’ve read all the licenses but I’m still not sure what is right, so I have a few questions.

  1. Does Google fonts, e.g. Oswald, Montserrat and .ttf files can be part of the main file sold here on the market? I noticed that many authors use these and similar fonts in applications.

  2. Do I need a specific license for this? Or, I can simply add font .ttf files to the assets folder.

Help, please :slight_smile:

I check it before yes you can use for commercial item

Hi @rnlab thank you for your response. :+1:

I am still confused by these rules for use. It is obvious that on the website any font can be embed or imported via url and used, but on mobile applications that font must be part of the main file sold here on the market. Whether commercial use is the same as resell?

I noticed that your product Oreo Fashion - Full React Native App for Woocommerce contains some custom fonts. Has your product ever been rejected for this? Do your customers subsequently add the fonts themselves?

In addition to all this, your product looks great, GLWS.