Adding feedback to hard-rejected logos

Hi, Graphic River is hard-rejecting logos much more then it used to.
Probably because they already have more than 51.000 logos in their library.
IMHO, there should always be at least one generic sentence describing reason for rejection or even better something like:

  • Simple (DO streamline your design. DON’T overcomplicate things): 6/10
  • Distinct (DO set yourself apart. DON’T look just like the competition): 6/10
  • Versatile (DO consider various applications. DON’T design for just one size or medium): 4/10
  • Appropriate (DO think about your industry. DON’T feel the need to be obvious): 5/10
  • Targeted (DO design for your intended audience. DON’T forget the customer): 6/10
  • Memorable (DON’T be forgettable. DO leave an impression): 7/10
  • Timeless (DON’T be too trendy. DO aim for longevity): 8/10

These way authors would know in what area there is unsatisfactory and theirs future work and submissions would be better.
Graphic River/Envato would also profit because then they would have more great logos.