Adding AdRev to a top-selling track?

Hey guys. I’d love some advice on the following:

I am very interested in adding AdRev to our tracks. I think the model makes a ton of sense, and doesn’t introduce much hassle to the buyer.

However, I have concerns about adding it to our best-seller, Rock the Party here:

The track has sold over 800 times, and some of those sales to larger brands. Adding AdRev wouldn’t be an issue for buyers going forward, as I will add the proper notice and include a PDF in the download file explaining how to clear.

However, what about all the buyers up until this point?

Since we as authors don’t get their contact information, we have no way to inform them about this change. I don’t want to cause lots of problems for past buyers who may have uploaded their videos to youtube properly.

I’d love to hear some thoughts or feedback from authors on this. Is there a best way to implement AdRev on a track that already has lots of sales?


There is no best way, just add it or don’t.

With 800 sales it’s also quite likely to have been spread around quite a bit “license-free” which could mean good AdRev earnings. But unfortunately we can’t use an incognito mode to first test it. That would be great!

I would clearly add on the item page that it’s now AdRev registered since customers are likely to return to see what’s up.

Any big companies you’ve licensed to can probably be easily found on YouTube and you can just whitelist their YouTube channels so they won’t get any claims.


@prestashopthemes Thanks for your insight. An incognito mode would be a great way to test.

I love your idea of finding the companies we know about and simply whitelisting their channels. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that!

This makes a ton of sense and makes me feel much better about it. I already have a running list of companies. :smile:

Thank you!

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I’d love to hear the results if you do decide to register with AdRev - that would be really interesting!


I’m going through one by one and adding AdRev and the information to our tracks.

I believe it takes at least a month (up to 4) for AdRev to come back with anything. I’m excited to see what will happen as well.

@SoundBoys I’ll post an update on the forums if there’s anything interesting to note once I’ve seen some results. :blush:

It takes three. But if you’re going to go with AdRev, it’s best to do it now rather than wait, and also to add everything since any track with low sales can have been used without a license too.


Thanks for the additional push and tip @prestashopthemes. You’re right, that’s a good point. Time to spend the day updating files.

Just out of curiosity I took a look at my top 20 earners in my AdRev list and looked at how long they have been available on the internet. 14/20 were tracks older than 3 years.

Interesting to note is that I have more tracks that are newer than 3 years, they are of much better quality and have many more sales than those older tracks generating more from AdRev.

My conclusion is that time “out there” for a track can be a big factor, meaning that retroactive registration can likely be very rewarding, but might result in a few headaches along the way.

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@ElevateAudio, I echo @SoundBoys and want to be updated with your results as well. I have been reluctant to add the older, big sellers at this point as well. Thanks!

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I should jump in here and say that when I added my top sellers to AdRev a few years ago, I had already accrued over 3000 license sales globally on those items.

I can honestly say that other than the odd email here and there asking to clear the claims, and one angry, entitled nutter that spammed one of my AJ item comments (which Envato promptly removed), I’ve had no issues or headaches.

Just remember, it’s incredibly quick and easy to have a claim removed from a customer’s video. It’s literally a case of sending AdRev a quick message with a link to the customer’s YouTube channel to have it whitelisted. Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do all this sooner.


This is all very encouraging. I am relieved to hear you have had almost no pushback from integrating AdRev into a busy portfolio.

I’m already wondering why it took me so long to hop on this!

I have a question about AdRev. Why do videos that I have submitted in the “unclaim video” link still show up in the earnings column, still earning money?

This is most likely because AdRev display the earnings for up to 4 months prior to having the claimed removed from the video.

thank you very much for this answer . It’s so helpful


Just curious as a newbie to AJ…but how do you know they’ve been purchased by larger brands?

@SpinToneMusic By viewing the invoice for the License sale - via the ‘Statement’ page in your Envato account. Here you can see the buyer’s/company’s name who purchased the License.

Alongside that, if you’re an AdRev registered composer, you can see who is using your music across YouTube via your AdRev dashboard. It’s not unusual to find videos representing major brands using our music.


Great, thank you Alumo!