"Added to cart" lightbox wordpress plugin



Hi there,

I’m looking for someone who can make a plugin or script for my wordpress site.
The lightbox should look similar to this one uploaded below.

  1. Text in the upper corner that says the product has been added to your cart.
  2. Picture and description of the product added
  3. Able to add woocommerce widgets below the product, like “customers also bought”, “Best selling items” with editable headline.
  4. Checkbox for customer to select if they dont want to see this pop up next time they add a product.
  5. Buttons for: “Shop more”, “view cart” and to the right “Checkout”


Hello there,

I may be interested in the offer. Could you please let me know how much money you’re willing to pay for this function via email to gmail(at)moskvayigit.com so we can also discuss few other details as well?




Hi everybody!

Thank you for the responses. The budget is not too big for this one, to be honest. Also don’t think this is a very difficult assignment for an experienced developer. If you are interested, please send me a estimated offer, we can discuss details later then. Thanks!


  • Emil