Added mark as an unwanted author?

Hello folk,

After 4 of my themes were taken up for sale, I got an indefinite soft rejection for one theme, and a hard rejection for a new one.

The thing is, I removed each of the previous themes from sales a month or two, due to the meager amount of sales.

What was my surprise when I received a soft rejection when reviewing the new theme I had created based on improvements to a previously approved theme.

All my requests to name specific grounds for rejection or direction of my work on improvement received approximately such answer: typography, composition, color scheme. What color scheme, if it is black and white minimalist theme?! What is wrong with composition or typography, if you have already approved a theme earlier with the same typography and composition?

I was shocked and under this shock just took off the theme from the review, knowing that there will be no explanation and assistance.

Six months later, I sent a brand new theme I’ve been working on for several months. Technically, this theme is much higher than the level of all those topics that I sent to review earlier and that were approved for sale.

So what? I get a hard rejection. Hey, guys, did I get a black mark because I took off the market my previously approved themes too fast? Has anyone had this experience? Can someone please explain something to me?

Thank for attention and answers, or advice. And please excuse me if my text is too emotional.

UPD I’m just trying to understand the logic behind the review team. And it remains a mystery to me.

We don’t mean to hurt you but this theme is too basic. Good luck with your future projects!

There are hundreds of themes, such same “basic”, for example:

[removed by mod]

I disagree with you, sorry.

We understand that the level of hard work and time it takes to produce an item, so you have every right to disagree with our opinion, As you mentioned that there is plenty of basic themes already how can they accept another basic theme? Design must be unique & should meet the specific quality threshold. Please only take this comment in improvements for your next item nothing personal. Good luck with your future project!

You get black marks from buyers. No one wants to purchase products from an author that deletes them rather than update and add new features. The review team don’t “mark” authors. They are 100% unbiased.

Well, the example you gave is actually not basic at all. It is basic/minimal in terms of design, but the quality is top notch. As a reminder, please don’t post other authors’ items on the forums! :slight_smile:

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You can’t be an exclusive author and sell the item elsewhere.

Blog and portfolio posts all look identical

Hierarchy and styling generally could be much better

Needs more options and layouts for portfolio, home, blog etc.

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Yeah, thanks. :slight_smile:

Hmm, Yes, indeed, there is reason think about this.

OK. As I said before, the logic of approve items is not always obvious. So sometimes there is guesswork that can be absurd.

Please understand, I didn’t mean to blame anyone. And maybe my statement was too emotional. I feel sorry.

I’m sorry. I understood.

That’s why I shot the previous themes from sale here to sell them in my store.
I remember the terms of the exclusive author, thank you.

Well, maybe I overestimated the value of my product. I will take all this experience into account when creating something that will be of absolute and undeniable value.


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