'Add to Collection' button improvements


I would like to request ‘Add to Collection’ feature updates:

  1. I have 10 tabs opened. I click ‘Add to Collection’ on first tab -> creating a new collection -> item automatically added. Cool. Then i switch to another tab, i click ‘Add to Collection’ -> collection i just created in separate tab is missing. I have to refresh the page to see it. Solution: do a server request for existing collections from the server and show me actual collections i have
  2. Once i’ve added item to collection - there’s no feedback on the button - it’s the same just like i haven’t added it. Solution: make the button solid red with tick in the center instead of plus once i’ve added item to collection
  3. ‘Add to collection’ button is jumping around: on videos it’s above ‘Download preview’ button, on music it’s on the left from ‘Download preview’


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