Add to Cart / Buy Now buttons issue

I found some issue related to Add to Cart / Buy Now buttons after log out and log in to my account.

While not logged in I can see Add to Cart button only:


After logging in there is Buy Now button:


In addition with some items I can see both buttons:


is it a feature or a bug?

Update: A friend of mine has tested it on another PC and it looks like it’s totally random.

Ok now I see. I guess it’s a kind of test to display only one set of ‘Purchase’ buttons because now I can only see ‘Add to Cart’ :slight_smile:


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Hi there,

I have a similar problem. I can only see the “Add to Cart” button on every item I’m looking for.

Thx to you for publishing the code. Now I have deleted “display: none” and I can order an single item again.