Add theme which depends on CodeCanyon plugin

I am trying to upload a theme which depends on a CodeCanyon plugin. Previously, I was selling the theme on my own website, but I would like to give ThemeForest a try.

The theme is called Noir UI - here’s a demo:

I am currently selling the theme here - - but if it gets accepted, I will retire it from my site.

The theme depends on a gallery plugin, called ImagePress.

Is it possible?

I hope you have purchased extended license for the ImagePress plugin. Beside that, you may need to work on the design part as I see and not sure about the coding

Thanks for your reply.

ImagePress is mine, so I don’t need a license :wink:

Any pointers regarding design?

Note: I’ve been successfully selling the theme on my site (137 sales so far), but I think I could triple that on ThemeForest.

Also, what if I bundled the plugin into the theme? Would that work?

You need to follow theme submission rules (WordPress) and also you may need to improve the design as well.

I know this, I tried to upload themes before. I think I can bundle the plugin with the theme. Visual Composer is bundled with lots of themes, so I think the same applies to my situation.

When you say “improve the design”, what exactly do you mean? Any pointers?

Yes, you can add the plugin wih TGM

Readability issues depended on some colors and text on the images but you should submit the theme first. Reviewers would provide details about the issues.

Another point, after submitting the theme, you cannot sell the theme on your website due to you’re Exclusive author

I know, if I manage to get it approved, I will retire it from my site.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at readability and then submit it. Cheers!