Add the option one sale

Sometime we like to make an app or a game with a special design to be sold for only one client.

I guess the option one sale for an express product ready, where our customer get a final design will be a great idea.

Is this custom work requested by a client? If so then…

  1. As much as I like Envato, I don’t see why I’d want to be subject to buyers fees and authors fees if I’m doing custom work.
  2. What if somebody else buys it before your client?

If it’s not custom work then…

  1. Why would you want to be able to only sell it once?

It’s related to the second case. to guarantee to the user a unique design. of course the price of this product will be high. since it will be a dedicated product.

For example on our case we make android games, and we receive many requests from our users for this option. to publish their game with a unique design and be sure is not sold for other users.

Using Envato, users are more confident, then paying by Paypal and waiting for a promise of result. here we can make a predefined final product. so the customer will not hire a good designer to make changes.

I can’t see how it work. Let’s take your existing portfolio as an example. You’ve got 85 items and you’ve had 2457 sales over the course of 2 years. Not sure what your average item price is, so lets say it’s $20. So with the current model, you’re items have made $49,140 in turnover. Or $578 per item at $289 per year.

Now lets say you’d uploaded all your items with the new sell once model. You’d need to sell every single item at $578 to get the same turnover. Is that likely? $578 for a custom game is a bargain, but $578 for a game that the buyer had no input into could be seen as a bit high, even if they are the only owner.

And that’s not taking into account the future. While it’s possible sales will drop over time… there’s nothing to say you won’t make $289 every year for another few years… it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re making over $2K each for them. Would a buyer pay that for sole usage rights? I’m sure some would, but for every item in your portfolio?

I could be wrong, but I just don’t see this as a profitable venture.

Thank you for your responses.

I’d add - the volume of people coming to this marketplace and willing to spend hundred if not thousands of $ is very small.

The whole reason people use this marketplace is that they are looking for a more cost-effective or budget solution to finding a good product