add ons

Hello everyone!!
This is my first post on forum and my first topic.
So the thing i want to discuss is …
Is it me or is it also anyone else seeing add on actions of sevenstyles getting sold also by others…??
Same name same effect… i feel a bit worried about this and my opinion …i don’t like it if this is happening for real!!
I understand to get your idea started from something Ok but sellingthe same … NO

Hope someone from the staff people will see this and give it a check…
I don’t even know if i posted right here…

Best Alex

If they have bought the rights, and don’t sell on Envato’s platform, etc, then it should be ok!


they sell them on graphicriver… search for example moonstone witch is secenstyles action and you will get 3 results same action…

Yes, l would contact support, pretty sure that the same product cannot be resold on the same site it was purchased from?

Even with full resell rights? :disappointed_relieved: