Add nature effect on a track

Hi all!

I’m about to launch a new motivational inspirational character track and for the first time the track has suggested adding a subtle background with sounds of nature (sea, birds, air, whispers).
My question is the following:
Since I am aware that the sounds integrated within the track can diminish the usefulness of it, would it be correct to present the full version with the effects and without them?
In that case, how should I name both clues?
Or rather remove the background effect?
I am not in favor of putting effects of environment, but this time the track asked me.
I would appreciate your guidance and opinion about it.
Thank you very much, my best wishes to all!
Happy year and sales!

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I wish my tracks would tell me what to do… :joy:

If I were you I would definitely include a version without the sound effect, and just add “No FX” to the track title.

You are right to think that adding the effect may diminish it’s usefulness to a lot of clients, but then again it will make it stand out and sound unique, which can only be a good thing.

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Yes! My track spoke to me!:joy:
I had thought about that but I wanted to make sure.
We’ll see if he has good reception.
Thank you very much for your response and guidance!
My best wishes

Hi there, I love how the track asked you… and I relate, as I have had similar experience, where it was sooo clear that I had to add some kind of water background. It is my only “spa/relaxing” track here on AJ. I did not include a “without FX” version because it is really part of the ambience,
but if your track is still strong and ok withtout FX, I would recommend to create the “no FX” version.

I have seen this very often with “vinyl FX” here, where some authors often produce a “without vinyl FX” version.

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Thanks for comment!
The truth is that I do not know if it is good or not, but if I have spent a lot of time producing it.
In effect, I have finally chosen to upload the full version with the environmental background and without it, although the truth is that it is very subtle, almost imperceptible.
Now to wait about 15 days.
If approved, I share it with pleasure.
Good sales

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Yes. Uploading two versions (with and w/o) is the way to go imo

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