Add "Message to buyers" textbox for item update

@BenLeong @matthewcoxy and fellow authors,
As we know that when we update any items, we can either check to

Notify Buyers

  • Send a notification to buyers when this update is approved

Above this section is “Message to the Reviewer”.
I wonder if we can add a text area aka “Message to the buyers” for the author to update the changelogs, any notes for this update and such so buyers can get the email of update notification & changelogs.
This will save time for buyers to consider if they should update without reading the item description or changelog somewhere else again; the authors can give them very important messages (i.e. do not update latest VC or you will break your layout, this update is a brand new core code to fix SEO structure, you need to backup your site before updating and then implement the content again…)
How do you guys think?