Add Favicon - Metrolium theme

Working on a client’s site, I noticed it didn’t have a favicon. I’ve searched high and low but can’t see where to upload it.

Thinking maybe that’s why the original developer didn’t upload one.

The Metrolium demo also doesn’t have one.

Is it possible to upload a favicon without resorting to a plugin?

Yes, you can. If the theme uses the theme customizer then you can simply upload it here “Appearance >> Customize >> Site Identity >> Site Icon”. If not then try looking in the Theme Options. or you can simply add it into the header.php ->

Thanks Mabuc.

Yep, Appearance >> Customize >> Site Identity was my first stop, except that ‘Site Identity’ doesn’t exist. And there’s nothing at all in the Theme Options to allow it.

How do I get hold of the theme authors, do you know?

Try contacting theme author here ->