Add examples of final product to your submissions?

Hello. I am new here, and I was hoping to get an idea of how to make my submissions more successful.

With music - Is it a good idea to add a “sample” voiceover to your submissions for the reviewer or even the buyer? To let them know what your ad would sound like with voiceover?

Also for photos, should you show examples of how your work can be used in advertising.

One more thing? What is the base demographic of envato services? Is it all used primarily for advertising? so music would be used basically only for video/radio voiceover ads? and photography would be used for web ads? Is this a good way of looking at the market here? I know that other stock sites have different demographics, so that’s why I ask.

It seems envato (or at least it’s reviewers) have a focus on just advertisers as an end user.

I don’t have any music here yet, but I was thinking that if there is a way to direct the reviewers to a YouTube channel, pointing them to video samples would probably be a very good idea. By video examples, I mean fully produced videos that incorporate your music in the way that a buyer would use the music. If you’re able to edit video, you can use videos with Creative Commons licenses, strip the original music and replace it with your own. Creative Commons Attribution licenses allow you to do that with no copyright violations and no charge for the use. I have a YouTube channel under a different username (that doesn’t sell here) where I do this to advertise my music to potential custom music clients. I think this will help reviewers see the potential in your song. If there isn’t a way to share such a link with them, perhaps that can be suggested.

I still need to look at the TOS for linkng out. I have a bunch of ideas like that but I’m pretty sure Envato doesn’t want customers leaving the site.

That being said. I feel like that idea is great but possibly two-pronged. I feel like a possible customer seeing your song in an already finished production would devalue that particular song, as it has already been used? Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like perhaps a sample audio saying something like “this is a sample advertisement showing you how this song sounds with a great voiceover!” or something similar.