Add Evanto Music to video

Hi! want to add evanto music (MP4) to videomaker but always gives error. tried to convert in AIFF , AU and other.
Is it possible do add it to my video? how?

Audio from AJ is always in mp3 or wave.

Hi Manrique!

Thank you for answering! In fact, I used the mp3 version which works with Microsoft music account, but does not work with adobe or movie maker.
I do not know if you can help, or tell me how I can get further support.
This is the file I get when I unzip the complete folder which is children-comedy-H4NZP9T.
I assume ghee is something I do wrong.

Thanks a lot anyway!


(Attachment ._Children Comedy (60 sec).mp3 is missing)

Have you tried to use the wave version?

It says there are two options in the zip. Mp3 and Wave.

Yes I did,
Thank you very much for your help. I received an invitation o write to authors…
have a good day!

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