Add Changelog Link in Update Notification Emails



There should be an option to add a URL to your items (self hosted) changelog to update notification emails when submitting updates, if its there its included if its not then its omitted — this would be a huge benefit for buyers to be able to just click through and see whats been done rather than navigating to the item page, scrolling through the content and finding the changelog link or in page changelog like some authors do.


I also reached out to Envato I think it would be great to have the link on the item page where it says “Last Update: {date}”.


That would nice as well to have a standardized area across item pages for the changelogs, maybe another tab at the top — for me I link off to my own (example it would be nice to be able to add that into the email and an area into the item page instead of the way we’ve been doing it for years by adding it manually.

I also believe item updates weigh in pretty heavily on buyers decisions especially when you’re constantly releasing new features (like myself) so again having a better system for notifications and standardized changelog access is a must. I get tons of comments, emails, tickets asking “whats been updated…” this would alleviate that issue in a very simple way.


I agree. In my opinion, Envato should provide a new section for storing the changelog of an item. It can be a new Changelog tab on the item page and when sending the update notification email to customers, Envato can automatically include the link to that Changelog tab of the item like this:


+1 Yes it’d be really handy. Maybe, a change log tab that you can put logs by version number.