Add a note section on profile download selection page...

As I purchase more supplies (themes and plugins) - it would be nice to have a small notes section (even private) for the ability to leave a brief note such as what site I am using this plugin/theme for, it would help with not only keeping a reminder but will serve for assistance with future purchases.

I made an image examples below.

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Not a bad idea.

This is CRAZY that Envato has not done this yet. I purchase 20+ of the SAME plugins/themes per year for different projects, and when I go back to download an update to the Theme/plugin I have no idea which theme/plugin goes to which project. Envato makes it INSANELY hard to keep this organized. I have to do my own separate spreadsheet to keep this straight - and even with my spreadsheet I have to still go to the Envato Downloads page and guess as to which plugin it is and then open a RANDOM plugin/theme license text to find the right one. BUT Your Downloads page offers Z-E-R-O help in doing this, it has no date of purchase showing on the main Downloads page so I have to COMPLETELY GUESS as to which it is - I waste so much time doing this.

Envato offers Z-E-R-O incentive to purchase multiple license for the same plugins/themes. I am honest and so I buy 20+ of the same plugin/theme every year for separate projects, but now I am wondering why I do this, as it is a MAJOR pain Envato causes me. I agree with @Tito235 that you need a Notes section on the MAIN page of Downloads and you also need to add a date of purchase on the main Downloads page. It is frustrating that I have to tell your company this.

Again you are not motivating me (or others, I suspect) to purchase multiple license as you cause me a lot of extra work. But I am honest so I will continue to do so. Please help us all and do your part by adding these BASIC features ASAP!

PLEASE ADD THIS FUNCTIONALITY!!! Or at the VERY LEAST can you add a date of purchase on the main Downloads page? This is so frustrating trying to keep track of which client has which theme/plugin. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

Hi Guys
Any update on adding this function? As mentioned I am buying 50+ plugins/themes per year and it is impossible to keep them organized on which ones go to which projects. What is the hold up on either A.) Adding the Date of purchase and/or B.) Adding a notes section so I can write which project each plugin/theme is for.

Any updates @matthewcoxy ?

A good idea. When will it be introduced? @matthewcoxy

HISSSS BOOOO HISSSS @matthewcoxy @codecanyonauthor. NO RESPONSE IN 2 YEARS?!?!?! Sorry to bother you, you must be SOOOOOO busy counting all the money I have given Envato the last 6 years. YOU GUYS ARE BEYOND PATHETIC.


I know this is an old post but maybe someone will comment on this.
It is only 5 or 15 minutes of work to add this function.
Is that such a big problem?