Adams Template Article problem

I acqistato tamplate adams for worpress, after the template installation I saw that there are problems in the visualization and compilation of the articles, the article does not appear in visual part and nis saves it! me no possibility of maneuvering images or other, works only the text … with other wordpress template working properly … I installed several times worpress and made all possible tests also changing hosting but the problem exists intutte the tests done . I apologize, this is a trduzione because I’m Italian and I do not know English well … if anyone can help myself … thanks Carlo.

Is that the responsive retina theme for news, magazine, blog etc? You should get in touch with the author of the item, as they’re going to be the best person to help you with getting this resolved. If it is that template, then you want to go here…

…which you can get to by visiting the ‘support’ tab on the item page.

I have to do the registration to the site you indicated? that is the forum? and post them the question?

It is possible to contact authors via the comments page of the item, and through the contact box on their profile page… although it’s not recommended. If you ever have a problem with an item, then heading to the support tab of the item is your best bet. That will give you instructions or a link to where you can get help. In this instance, and for a lot of other Wordpress themes, the author uses a support forum… so you should register there and post your question.

ok thanks a lot

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