Adam Audio A5X

I was wondering if anyone recommends these monitors.
I have a good subwoofer from presonus (Temblor T10) to use with.
I have found very good reviews about them.
Are these monitors good for mixing?
Many say these are a multimedia speaker, and that set me back to ask you guys here.


Adams is good! But size of speaker depends on the room I mean 5?
If your room is very small it’s ok.
But if it’s enought good space to work and you can work loud much 7 will be better!
Take a look for Adam A7X recomend!

Hi thanks.
I am not in need to play loud, and I have a subwoofer, so 5inch I think is fine.
Also the 7s are like double the price so I am not in budget.

Anyone else know these monitors? I would like to hear your opinions.