Ad Tech company looking for partners and case studies

First, congrats to all of your success. I have been a member here for just over 9 years now and have bought themes, templates, designs, etc over the years and love it.

As the CEO & Founder, I have a lot of experience helping publishers monetize and of course optimize existing inventory. I also have a partnership with Google and the ability to migrate smaller websites running Google Adsense to Google AdX. Plus many other quality ad networks and exchanges.

Author Partnerships

I am reaching out to establish long-term partnerships with authors. One of the greatest things about being a top author are the success stories. Someone buys your template, theme, etc and you help them turn an idea into a reality. Partnership wise I am asking for a quick introduction. In exchange I am offering 12.5% of the revenue monthly for three months.

Case Studies

If approved a case study will be completed for each website accepted into the platform. We currently focus on display, mobile and app traffic optimization.

Lastly, we are based in Canada and have a team that is willing to help. If you have any questions just let us know through one of the forms above!