Active Ecommerce cms Tracking code

We have purchased a product from active ecommerce cms. From the startig itself their suport was too worst. Even though we managed to continue with them. But sudddenly the have removed a feature without informing the customers. when we ask for it their reply was so shocking.
First they told that the feature was not there.
Next after sharing the screenshot they accepted that the feature was just a text box and not woking anywhere.
then we share the proof for that too. after so much argument when we prove them wrong they completely changed the topic like due to our huge customer request we removed the feature. But we never see any request to remove the feature instead there are so many people asking for the tracking code feature.

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Some of the authors may remove the some features if it’s causing lots of issues.
If that section that has been removed is important for you, you can ask the author for the previous version of the theme or you can restore the backup on your server to continue using it but you won’t be able to to use the section and get the updates at the same time

What is the logic in this? the feature which i was talking about is the tracking code option. any ecommerce system without tracking code feature is not worth. And how can you tell a customer that if you use a specific feature which is very important in future you will not get any updates. how its possible?

Tell me frankly. If you order any product from any website and they do not provide any proper details of tracking will you accept it?
and if you see the comment section of the script there are many members questioning why they removed the most wanted feature of the website. and from the author side their reply is that function is useless. How can a Ecommerce website creator can say that the tracking feature is useless. that is my question.

They may be using additional sources that they may not allow to re-sale, to prevent the copyright issues within the marketplace, they may have removed the code. It happened several times with different authors, this could be your case, too

If the item is no longer good for you after the update, ask for refund and find another item.

I accept your reply. But the thing is i have to argue for a month to make them understand that the feature is very important and without that feature the script wont be any useful.
And for the refund. Money is not an issue but the products links seo, Product reviews and customer database is must. We thrive to giveour user the best experience in purchasing the product. if we change the site structure frequently it will affect the business.
Implementing a simple code which was already there is not a big deal for a developer. I have been travelling with them for the past several months. they wont accept any bugs or any issues.
once they literally fixed the bug in the update and told that the bug was not there.
even for the tracking code option at first they told that we doesnt had that feature in the script from ver1
but when i proved them with the screenshot, then they accepted and told that the feature is useless. Again i proved them with the screenshot where customer can check their tracking number.

still now they are not accepting the fact. Check Here