Activation of Visual Composer



I want to deactivate visual composer on one sub-domains and use the same on another one. Both the sub-domains have different themes, Knowledge press & Selfie respectively.
Can you please assist me with the same?


This depends on if the themes bundle VC as part of them.

Once you have used it for an end product i.e. the first site then you cannot transfer/use VC in another one.

Do both themes have VC bundled with them?


Yes, both the themes have VC bundled with them.


Then you can just install the new theme on the second website and it will have it’s own version of VC there to use.

Bear in mind that bundled VC does not give you an activation/license code. The updates etc. of the plugin need to come from the theme author who owns the license associated with it


Actually, i don’t want to stick with Selfie theme only and use VC from KnowledgePress theme. Can you please suggest a solution?


And even if I am trying to activate Knowledge Press theme on my other website, VC is not working. How to I solve that issue?


You can’t mix and match it - if you have activated it with one theme on one installation then you can’t transfer it to a second

VC will be the same plugin irrelevant of the theme is is bundled with. What’s the reason behind wanting to use a copy of the same plugin form another theme?

The only difference is if the author created custom blocks for one theme and then to use these in a new theme may not be as simple as just installing the plugin elsewhere.


Help me understand this better. If I am using Knowledge press (which has VC bundled and working perfectly fine) for my website 1, can’t I activate the same theme (with VC) for my website 2 even after deactivating it from the first one?


its possible to deregister the plugin if you have a stand alone copy and license but If it was bundled then you don’t have a dedicated license only the right to use it with the theme it came with (license belongs to the theme author) so you can’t use it with another theme.