Activation help needed

Hi forum!

I am trying to Authorize WPBakery Support Portal to connect with my envato account.

The website

keeps saying:

Server error
Looks like envato api is experiencing technical problems. Our support portal relies on envato and your request can not proceed at the moment. Please try again later. Error: “Could not save user locally”.

Any hint would be perfect.


Sounds like their support system may be down…

Try leaving a comment on the item, and letting them know the error you’re getting.

Thanks for your answer baileyherbert!

I tried to do so.
But their support forum authentification relies on the same mechanism :smiling_imp:

I’ve also posted a facebook note.

Hope it helps.

I have the same problem, for a few months already too… has there been any updates on this issue?

If you can’t access their support system, send wpbakery a message from their profile and let them know you’re having trouble.

Yes there is a cure :slight_smile:

I have contacted wpbakery via facebook. They did a good support.

The solution finally was to uninstall the current wpbakery plugin and then reinstall the new one.
The new installation works as it should. Activation was no problem.